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  • Welcome to Building Futures Education Service. We would love to get to know you better. Below, can you please write a short biography detailing who you are, your background and any key items you think we should know to ensure we can best meet your needs:
  • Why have you chosen Early Childhood Education and Care to study? What are you hoping to learn during your studies?
  • What are your long term career plans?
  • READ THE FOLLOWING: "I'm sick of it!" she bellowed as she walked into the directors office. "I'm always the one who cleans the staff toilet. No-one else ever bothers." Brenda was obviously upset. "Let's work this out properly", said the director, Jane. The two ladies looked at the roster, noticing that the "morning jobs" routine showed that the toilet was due to be cleaned Monday, Wednesday and Friday. "I've been cleaning it twice a week for at least six months! It should only be my job on a Wednesday. This is so unfair! You better make them pull their weight or I'm going to cause trouble." With that, Brenda stormed off leaving Jane sitting with her eyebrows raised. What do you think Jane should do?
  • Is there some other way that Brenda could have handled this situation?
  • We are planning on buying a new projector for the training centre that costs $750 and there is a 10% sale on at the shop. How much money will we save?
  • For each assessment in your course you will attend 2 hours of training. There are 28 assessments, how many hours of training will you do?